Despite the fact that there are lots nail guns out there (framing, finishing, flooring, etc.), there are two popular triggers- the contact trip trigger and sequential trigger. The first mechanism makes it possible for the tool to fire whenever the trigger and the nose of the gun (contact element) are equally depressed. Trigger is often held right down to enable bump or bounce nailing. On the other hand, the sequential triggers will need the nose of gun (contact element) to be depressed prior to pulling the trigger. This prevents accidental discharge of nails.


Nail guns are designed to make nailing and fastening faster. If you're framing an addition in your home or if you are building a deck, framing these are the right tools to use.


Nail Guns and their Driving Force


These tools work by creating sufficient pressure to push a nail and supplying that pressure with the pull of a trigger. You will find a number of methods to produce the driving force of a framing nail gun.


Spring-loaded nail bed guns produce force by cocking a spring using an electromagnet. The recoil inside a spring-loaded gun pushes the nail on the work surface. Spring-loaded types are incredibly dependable because they have couple of moving components. A drawback however is that, spring-loaded nail guns can't produce the same power as other types of guns.


A solenoid gun is operated by reversing the magnetic polarity of the piston. This is as dependable as the spring-loaded types; however they also share the same deficit of power like their spring-loaded counterparts. Some solenoid guns are battery powered, which makes them portable.


Combustion nail tools make use of a compact motor to push the hammering piston. These types of guns can supply considerably more power than electrical guns. However, they have greater maintenance requirements. These are portable, but produce exhaust gases.


Pneumatically-driven nail device use pressurized air to push nails. Pneumatic guns normally have the most driving force. But you need to have an air compressor to make them do the job. Though this can be an extra cost, pneumatic guns are typically the most popular type.


Nail Gun Features to Consider


When you compare all guns, check out the features. Here are some critical features to look at...


* Comfort and ease: Although a nail gun can do almost all of the work, you still need to hold it all day. So, it is wise to go for the lightest ones that will not stress your hands. Also find the one with enough power to finish your task.


* Rotating connectors: Regardless of whether air or electric operated, a corded gun must have a rotating connector. A flexible type of connector will allow it to accommodate you and not the other way round.


* Nail loading: Framing nail guns store nails either by strip (like staples in a stapler) or coil. Coiled nails are bigger, but can conveniently manage nails with huge heads. Strip loaders will often possess a larger capacity.


* Nail flexibility: Search for a roofing nail gun that provides the most overall flexibility with regards to nail sizing. Higher flexibility indicates your framing tool is going to be useful in most conditions.


* Flexible depth: A great framing gun will help you to adjust the depth that the nail is pushed. The depth adjustment needs to be easy to view and change.


* Nailing angle: An angled gun will help you to "toe nail" perpendicular boards, an important part of framing.

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Tim Carter, of, demonstrates how to install a finish nail using a hammer and nail set. Tim also shows how to do it the fast way with a powered nail gun!
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